Moving Tips When Buying Or Selling A Tahoe Home In The Near Future

Dated: 03/05/2018

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Moving, for most of us, isn’t much fun. It’s hard work. And while settling into a new home is exciting, it’s still a time of confusion as possessions try to find their rightful places in the home. To make it just a bit easier, use these moving tips to begin preparing well ahead of time.

Home sellers who prepare even before listing give themselves a double advantage – much of their moving work is done AND their homes are already well on the way to being ready for showing.
Home buyers who prepare ahead can enjoy those first days in their new home without feeling overwhelmed at finding a place for everything.
Begin with collecting a good supply of boxes.
 You’ll need heavy-duty storage boxes, plus boxes for items that you’ll sell, give to friends, or donate to charity. While you’re at it, get some packing tape and marking pens, so each box can be clearly marked before it’s sealed for storage.
If you have a large collection of things that won’t move with you, start planning a yard sale. You might want to attend a few so you can see how to price the items you’ll sell. Then price each as you move them from your closets and shelves into “sale boxes.”
Sort as you go, and label those boxes
, too, so they’ll be easier to arrange attractively on sale day.
Since you’re not in a time crunch… Instead of turning this into a huge and dreaded chore, take one room or even one closet or cupboard at a time. Be ruthless – if an item hasn’t been used in more than a year and has no sentimental value, put it in a box to sell or give away.
If you’re donating to a charity, drop off filled boxes on your next outing, so that job doesn’t become a big chore. It’s a lot easier to make yourself load and deliver one or two boxes at a time than it is to face 8 or 10.
You probably have seasonal items – clothing, toys, tools, and even kitchen items, such as the big roasting pan that is only used on Thanksgiving. Most of us also have collections and mementos that we don’t use every day and don’t need for everyday living, but we don’t want to part with them. Pack them neatly, label them well, and put them in storage.
If you’re selling, you don’t want storage spaces stuffed full when buyers come, so rent a storage unit or borrow space in a friend’s garage and move those boxes out before the house is listed.
When it’s time to actually move…

You’ll have enough to do with moving the things you need every day, so forget about the items in storage until after you’ve found a place in your new home for the essentials. These are the items that deserve the most convenient locations. Once they’re in place you can tackle the other boxes one at a time.
Whether you’re planning to buy or sell a home here in Tahoe, give me a call at 530-545-3458- I can help assure a smooth transaction.

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