How To Know If Your Real Estate Agent Is The Right One For You

Dated: 03/05/2018

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            A house is an important part of your life. More than just a roof over your head, it is also a statement of who you are and your personal tastes may be reflected in it. Buying a home, especially your first house, will be exciting, and it can be more than a little nerve wracking. After all, this will be probably the largest purchase you will have ever made. The consequences of your purchase will have significant long-term ramifications. If you buy shoes that you don't like, you can easily get rid of them by sending them back to the retailer. But if you make a mistake when purchasing a new house, then you will be mired, perhaps for a long time. So how does one go about looking in the right place and choose the finest home that fits your needs within your financial means?

            It should be stated clearly that finding a good realtor is essential to meeting the needs of any home buyer. Newbys listen up. The first step to take is get a good real estate agent, who listens to you, and understands exactly what you are looking for. Choosing a realtor is not easy to do though, especially considering the hundreds of realtors available out there. How will you know if you've chosen the right person?

            Picking a great agent isn't easy, but you definitely know you've picked one when you have one.

Here are some characteristics that will show you that you've made a good choice in picking your real estate agent.

            1 - You feel comfortable with your realtor.

            You don't need your best friend to be your realtor but you do have to feel comfortable around each other. You will spend a lot of time communicating with her so the relationship needs to be a nice one to help make the experience pleasant. There is nothing worse than dealing with a person whom you don't like, or feel uncomfortable with. If you cringe at the sound of your agents voice then that's not a good sign. You don't want to have an agent who's phone call you'd rather not take. What your looking for is genuine support and encouragement from somebody who you feel is deeply understanding of your needs and desires.

            2 – The realtor is responsive and accessible.

            This point is non-negotiable. A good realtor will make themselves available and won't keep you hanging out there when you are waiting for a response. The right agent will understand how important a real estate transaction is and make you feel that taking care of your needs is a priority.

            3 – A good realtor is proactive.

            This is a good indicator that you have chosen well. A good realtor will not just go through the motions, humbly acting out the part by simply taking your orders. A very good realtor will proactively help you identify ideal properties, analyze the pros and cons, and work to create solutions to problems should they arise. An fine realtor will advise you on things you have never before considered and will have you in their minds as they go about searching over the days for the best home opportunity just for you.

            4 – A great realtor never gives up.

            It's easy to throw your hands up in the air and say “I am over it” when things become difficult and challenging. The good agents don't give up. They will work on, coming up with solutions to keep things rolling along as smoothly as possible, especially if it takes creativity.

            5 – A fantastic realtor builds a good relationship.

            One of the best signs that you've chosen the right agent is that you will feel positive about her by the effort she will have exhibited well before and, also, after the transactions. If your agent stays in touch, presents himself/herself as a constant resource and is in with you for the long haul, then you found the right real estate agent.


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